10 maj 2023 13:00-16:00Umeå Biotech Incubator

The service sector in Life science Umeå is relatively undeveloped. This fair is a new venue between Life science companies and service companies.

During the Life science service provider fair, we will arrange six seminars (three parallel) of 45 minutes each in the adjacent conference rooms Granen and Skogen.

Here's the 15 exhibiting companies / Areas of expertise 
CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB
MetaSafe Sweden AB
LINK Medical Research 
Bergenstråhle & Partners 
Potter Clarkson AB 
Zacco Sweden AB 
RegFile AB
Regsmart Life Science
Toxicology Knowledge
Research facility/test bed 
Testa Center 

Quality system QA

MedQtech AB 
Phase2Phase Biopharma CMC (CDMO sourcing & project management, technology transfer, QA)

Seminar schedule (Read more and sign up for the seminars here) 
13.00-13.45, Skogen: "How to increase the value of a company through conscious management of intangible assets"
13.00-13.45, Granen: "Fit for purpose regulatory strategy - for a successful business case"
14.15-15.00, Skogen: "What to think about when planning a study within the early phase (phase 0 - phase 2a), mainly from a clinical view".
14.15-15.00, Granen: "How to implement an eQMS as a small MedTech company"
15.15-16.00, Skogen:
"How to build and develop a quality-conscious culture as a prominent part of growth and success"
Granen 15.15-16.00:
"Decentralised studies and the use of digital tools for hybrid clinical research" 

OBS. Exhibitors at the fair are only service companies, not companies that sell laboratory equipment or consumables.

Information om mässan

Mässan arrangeras i entrén till huset som UBI sitter i, i angränsning till konferensrummen. Det kommer att finnas möjlighet för 23 tjänsteföretag att ställa ut och tre företag kommer erbjudas möjlighet att hålla i ett seminarium. För att skapa en spridning av tjänsteföretag kommer det endast finnas plats för tre företag per kategori samt två övriga.


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